Florida Minimum Wage Increases to $7.67

On January 1, 2012, the Florida minimum wage increased by 36 cents to $7.67 per hour. In 2011, the Florida minimum wage was $7.25 until June 2011 when it increased to $7.31. The 2012 increase is equivalent to an extra $14.40 per week for an employee who works 40 hours and earns the minimum wage. For tipped employees, the current Florida minimum wage requires employers to pay tipped employees an hourly direct wage of $4.65. The federal minimum wage remains at $7.25. According Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2010, there were 253,000 Florida workers earning at or below the minimum wage. If you were not paid the minimum wage, call the attorneys at Bober & Bober, P.A. at 800-995-WAGE for a free consultation.

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