OVertime Calculator

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Unpaid Overtime Estimator:

Enter the number of weeks you worked for your employer, within the past 3 years, during which you believe you should have received overtime wages

Insert your hourly rate. If you were paid on a salary basis, divide your salary by the number of hours for which it was designed to compensate to obtain your hourly rate.$ per hour

Select the type of pay.

Please input the average number of overtime hours per week.overtime hours / week

How were you paid for overtime hours?

Do any of the following describe you?

Aircraft or boat salesperson

Airline employee

Amusement/recreational employee in national parks/forests/Wildlife Refuge System.

Babysitter on a casual basis

Buyers of agricultural products

Companion for the elderly

Commissioned sales employee of a retail or service establishment and half your earningscome from commissions and you average at least one and one-half times the minimum wage for each hour worked.

Computer professional and you are paid at least $27.63 per hour

Domestic employee who lives-in

Drivers, driver’s helper, loader or mechanic and are employed by a motor carrier, and your duties affect the safety of operation of the vehicles in transportation of passengers or property in interstate or foreign commerce.

Executive, administrative, or professional employee who is paid a salary regardless of the quantity or quality of work

Farm implement salesperson

Farmworker employed on a small farm

Federal criminal investigators

Firefighter working in public fire department with less than 5 firefighters


Forestry employee of firm with less than 9 employees

Fruit & vegetable transportation employee

Houseparents in non-profit educational institutions

Local delivery driver and driver's helpers

Motion picture theater employees

Newspaper delivery employee

Newspaper employees of limited circulation newspapers

Outside sales employee

Police officers working in smal public police department with less than 5 employees

Radio station employee in a small market

Railroad employee

Saleperson, partsman, or mechanic employed by automobile dealership

Seasonal or recreational establishment employee

Seamen on American vessels

Seamen on other than American vessels

Sugar processing employee

Switchboard operator

Taxicab driver

Television station employee in a small market

Truck and trailer salesperson

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