Class Actions

How do I bring my wage claim as a class action?

Florida law permits employees who have been subjected to the similar unlawful pay practices to bring their claims together in one case as a class action.  In addition, federal law also permits similarly situated employees to bring their claims as a collective action. One of the main differences between wage class and collection actions is that in a state law class actions, certain employees are part of the lawsuit unless they affirmatively opt out of it, while in a federal collection action, employees will not be part of the lawsuit unless they opt in by filing a consent to join the case.  Both class and collective actions allow employees to collectively seek justice where they might otherwise have a difficult time proceeding individually due to the size of the individual claim or the cost of proving liability.  Winning wage and hour class action cases results not only in compensation for individual employees who have been harmed, but also may force employers to change their pay practices in a way that positively affects current and future employees. If you have questions about your employer's companywide pay practices, call one of our experienced class action attorneys at 800-995-9243 for a free consultation.

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