Case Alleges Illegal Tip Pool at Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q

A former server at South Florida Barbeque, Inc., doing business as Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q, has filed a case in court seeking to bring a class action for alleged tip theft. Like many restaurants, Sonny’s takes a “tip credit,” and pays its servers $3.02 less than the Florida minimum wage. The server in that case claims Sonny’s maintained an illegal tip pool by using server tips to supplement the wages of non-tipped employees such as dishwashers, salad preparers, and managers who are not allowed to share in server tips. The server seeks to recover, on behalf of herself and others, $3.02 for each hour worked by each server, plus an equal amount in liquidated (double) damages.
Bober & Bober, P.A. is litigating this case on a contingency fee basis and will be paid attorney’s fee only if the servers recover money from Sonny’s. If you are concerned about being involved in this case, please be aware that the law prohibits employers from retaliating against individuals seeking unpaid minimum wages. If you have information that would assist us in the investigation of these claims, please contact us. For more information about the Sonny’s lawsuit, contact Bober & Bober, P.A. toll free at 800-995-WAGE (9243), or visit our contact page at

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