How much is my claim worth?

Most unpaid wage and overtime cases require a thorough review of an employee’s pay structure and the law to determine whether an employee is owed wages and, if so, how much. Generally, however, if your employer has unlawfully failed to pay you overtime, you may be entitled to damages that included back pay, liquidated damages (double the amount of wages owed), attorney’s fees, and costs. Under federal law, the time period for which you may sue your employer for unpaid wages is two (2) years, but in some cases, you may be able to obtain unpaid wages from up to three (3) years ago. In some cases, under Florida labor laws, you may be able to file a lawsuit for unpaid wages for up to five (5) years ago. To determine what you are owed, we must first look at the difference between what your employer paid you and what it should have paid you under the law. If you were entitled to overtime, your employer must pay you one and one have times your regular rate of pay for each hour worked over forty (40) in a workweek. Generally, your regular rate of pay cannot be less than the minimum hourly wage required by federal law and some state laws (Florida minimum wage). At Bober & Bober, P.A., a Florida overtime lawyer will discuss all the relevant factors with you throughout the progression of your case. Our goal is to help you achieve the maximum recovery possible under the law. If you would like to determine the approximate amount of overtime you may be owed on your overtime claim.

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